About Us

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."  

– Helen Keller.

What's at our core?


“We aspire to raise the benchmark in the current property industry by cultivating an array of uniquely fashioned properties with distinguishing features that provide an exceptional living experience while remaining affordable. We advance with the future in mind, focusing on modern technological integrations and a win-win approach to business. We have accomplished our objective of delivering a complete rental service, and are on track to achieving our long-term ambitions. Our strategies take into account not just financial goals but goals designed to withstand market variations to minimise risks and maximise returns. Whilst others are leaving the industry, we see an abundance of opportunity and have embraced this fast-changing sector to become powerful players in the field. We are on a mission to add unmatched value to the market and, by doing so, putting the pride back into property”.

Kassius Nathaniel Samuels

CEO and Developer

What we believe in

The Pride Estates London (TPEL) is on a mission to provide hard-working professionals with quality housing that is secure, comfortable, and affordable. Our innovative, open, and collaborative approach with investors and landlords ensures that tenants receive a top-quality renting experience while landlords and investors receive a tailored service, and a healthy, consistent ROI. Our services are centred on the following values:


We never compromise on quality. We ensure efficiency, consistency, and a personalised approach to every project we take on board. We go above and beyond to ensure that we provide a 5-star service, and encourage innovative thinking that may add further value to our work. We expect our employees to drive for the highest quality on all work.


Respect is a value we share with all our associates. All our customers are treated the way we would love to be treated. We know that everybody has their unique life to live - that is why we treat all partners, tenants, and associate with dignity and respect, regardless of their cultural, religious or personal orientation. As part of this we encourage open and transparent communication that is both respectful and considerate.


We continuously strive to be transparent and honest in every aspect of our service. We are advocates of open communication, and therefore we operate using an open-door policy which builds long-lasting relationships based on open communication and a mutual understanding of each individual case and circumstance. To deliver on this we expect our employees to live and breathe this value every day and practice open communication that develops trust with our partners, associates and tenants.


Working for us means entering into a partnership of equals. We believe each person has a voice, vision, and views that deserve to be heard and considered and we focus on providing opportunities for our employees to innovate and collaborate. As an organisation we operate this was to ensure we work closely with our customers to ensure their long-term financial goals and take the most appropriate action to bring them one step closer to achieving them.


We don’t promise to have all the answers, but we can assist in helping you find solutions to any problem. As an organisation we give 100% to every project that we are assigned, and we are dedicated to the success of all our ventures. As a partner, client or customer a win for us means a win for you. We aim to be a one-stop-shop for all of our customers property rental needs by providing extra services such as removal hire, domestic cleaning, and external relocation services. We may not always have the solution to their problem, but we probably know someone that does and this additional level of support is what we would expect from all of our employees.


We aim to inspire innovation and efficiency in the property industry. We lead by example by raising the threshold for customer satisfaction through quality of service delivery, and a data-led approach to business. We aim to set the benchmark for our peers to aspire to, ultimately leading to an overall improvement in the level of service provided in the rental market. By doing so, we believe it will enhance the rental experience for all tenants, and provide landlords with peace of mind.

Our Vision

Our Enterprise

The Pride Estates London (TPEL) is privately owned, and for that reason, our balance sheets continue to flourish. We constantly invest in free cash flowing projects, with very little debt on our books. Our new preferred network links with our banking partners have allowed for a quicker, smoother execution for acquisitions. The business development team oversees marketing and advertising throughout the company. Additionally, they work very closely with the management team to secure a minimum of 25% revenue from our assets. The management team also oversees asset management, client relationships and work in close partnership with the relocations team to match tenants and properties. The relocations team have administrative responsibilities alongside building and maintaining tenant relationships, vetting tenants with our comprehensive referencing system, as well as orchestrating the removal van hire service. The removal van service staff are hands-on and are happy to do the heavy lifting. As a consequence, they come equipped with bubble wrap, boxes, and containers to safeguard all valuables. The social marketing team utilise their creative freedom to produce effective media posts that are eye-catching and socially interactive, plus keeping us on top of the latest trends online and more traditionally. 

The operations team monitor daily transactional activity. Our bespoke income/expenditure models guarantee very healthy returns. Our new extraordinarily intuitive accounting software automates recurring invoices, detects account discrepancies, and has a cardless facility for easy online payments. By 2023, we aim to raise over £17 million in joint venture finance and triple our revenues by increasing our workforce around the country and acquiring strategically located assets in various locations of high demand.

World Class Service

A world class service is only attainable through a synergetic vision shared by every member of the organisation from the CEO to the manual labourer. Our employees are invested in the shared success of our company because everyone wins with TPEL. We believe people come first. That’s why we endeavour to make everyone associated with our enterprise feel valued and appreciated and to acknowledge their contribution to making our company an unstoppable force in the market. Our continued success has put us on track to achieve our target of being an internationally renowned household name in the property industry. We have outsourced parts of our process to scale rapidly, whilst maintaining the same level of productivity and efficiency throughout our organisation.

Our Clients

We are strongly associated with a mixture of small to mid-sized companies as well as large government agencies such as the National Health Service (NHS) and private foreign firms. We also search for new clients who offer ongoing sustainable revenue. New business leads are also generated through referrals, social media advertisements, and Google searches in categories where we have a clear strategic advantage. We have a strict set of criteria for determining which clients to pursue and which partners to collaborate with. All our clients view us as trusted experts in our field, not vendors. As a consequence, they believe the service we provide is invaluable and conducive to achieving their goals.


Technology is recognised as a true core competency and a clear differentiation point in our business. We have clearly defined and budgeted technology plans, which have enabled us to perfect customer engagement, integration processes, and data analytics. Our website has changed with industry-changing tools that drive business growth. For instance, user friendly interface programming and improved interactive customer systems which support our relocation processes immensely.

Full Property Renovation And Management

We pride ourselves on using the latest technologies to continually promote comfort and security and to enrich standards of living as part of our Quality Assured Criteria (QAC). “Smart living” is the term often used to describe the lifestyle we provide for our clientele. Tenants are welcomed by keyless access, which is the first of a variety of many modern integrated systems, granting 24/7 self-check-in via mobile app or a 6-digit entry code. The smart home locking systems enable domestic and maintenance services limited digital authorisation to specific communal areas, ensuring immaculate upkeep of the properties while minimising interruptions to tenant routines. Wireless dimmers, switches, and remote keypads make for ideal control systems for the smart lighting integration. Wireless lighting is often favoured for our remodelling projects and can be more cost effective than retrofitting a whole wired system. The wireless interface enables clients to create an ideal movie-viewing experience for a lively gathering of guests or provides the perfect ambience that sets the mood for a date night, all controlled by the push of a button. Additionally, automated eco-friendly lights are triggered to turn off when no one is occupying corridors, washrooms or communal areas. We take storage very seriously, whether you need somewhere to store your clothes or the perfect surface to keep books and other bedtime essentials. We have some brilliant innovative bedroom storage ideas, especially for small and awkwardly shaped bedrooms. Our extremely talented interior designers specialise in spatial planning; with the use of purpose-built furniture, shelves, and storage compartments to enhance any living space to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment.


Culture is the foundation that cements our core values and upholds us as leaders in our industry. We aim to create an environment that encourages open-minded thinking and a “ready to collaborate” attitude, which forges timeless relationships, thereby inducing innovative ideas and designs that propel our company forward. We take our interview process extremely seriously and evaluating for cultural fit is vital. Therefore, we spend time interviewing each potential member to ensure they are original, brilliantly inventive, and humble as well as being prepared to align themselves with first class peers. Employees must meet requirements regarding their position in the company, eager to collaborate and see others succeed. Diversification is an integral part of building strong cultural foundations, and we appreciate every member of our multifaceted team. We know that everyone is beautifully unique and therefore believe, the more diverse the background and experience, the more enriched and strengthened the alliance of our company. As a result, it presents a greater opportunity for growth and innovation. As long as our members share our values, they can expect success and prosperity.

Social Media Marketing And Branding

We are a marketing machine with plenty of content and creative freedom, which has generated an incredible buzz among our customers and the property industry. We are active on all major social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn, significantly expanding our brand and leading to further profitability for our company and growth of clients. Our efforts are thorough and transparent, and for that reason, we are positioned as the go-to source for property investment, management, and relocations. We have been interviewed several times by online blogs about our futuristic style, often highlighting our ingenious architectural designs, modern household features, and the success of our rapid expansion.

Commitment To Our Communities

We endeavour to invest time and resources into our internal community culture, and among other things, expand on our external philanthropic efforts. A significant number of new hires/interviewees come from employee referrals because our employees tell their friends and family about their work life. We have designed and implemented developmental programmes specifically built to create a supportive and engaging work environment, facilitating employees to achieve their ambitions through S.M.A.R.T goal setting, guided learning opportunities, and performance reviews. We also take an interest in our employees’ personal ambitions by aiding in crossing off items on their personal bucket lists.

Our property obligations are only matched by our humanitarian efforts. We are known for being extremely generous, both financially and actively involved, in raising awareness and prevention of homelessness in the UK. The Unheard is a powerful charitable foundation with which we are proud to be associated. They support the homeless community by providing an essential social platform to promote change. We work closely with various other organisations to raise money as well as understand the fundamental cause of homelessness and construct preventative strategies to support those in need. We encourage all our associates to donate generously in support of our charitable contributions.